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Our Story

A Personalized Botanical Touch

Founded in 1965, Yves Rocher operates in over 100 countries and across 5 continents. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to bringing natural skin care and cosmetics to the market by transforming botanical substances into everyday beauty products. Still today, on 55 hectares of Organic Farming fields in La Gacilly, France and across a network of 250 botanical sources, experts extract the most powerful botanical active ingredients from plants to offer high-quality and customized solutions for every skin type, while also ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

As a botanist, harvester, manufacturer and retailer, Yves Rocher controls the entire life cycle of its products, from the plant to the skin, allowing the brand to guarantee quality, ensure traceability and deliver affordability. Through the expertise of their Beauty Advisors, the brand delivers a world-class, personalized experience. With over 30 million clients, and a philosophy devoted to understanding their beauty needs, Yves Rocher customers are always treated with their individual beauty needs in mind.

A Commitment to the Environment

As a champion of environmental causes, The Yves Rocher Foundation works to promote environmental protection worldwide. Through the Plant for the Planet operation that was created in partnership with Kenya’s late Nobel Prize winner, Wangari Mathai, Yves Rocher has helped plant more than 100 million trees worldwide. The company is also committed to reducing its footprint by using eco-designed packaging that saves thousands of tons of plastic every year.

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